Five uses for dried roses

With Valentines Day fast approaching, there can never be too many roses! Here are a few less obvious ideas for ways of using them.

Five ways of using roses

…Apart from presenting a bunch of flowers that is!
1. Sprinkle rose petals on a path, on your bed, or across a table cloth. [Fresh or dried]
2. Bathe with them… throw some rose petals under the hot tap to add colour and fragrance and a hint of indulgence. [This is particularly effective using fresh petals.]
3. Make some sweetly scented potpourri as a gift. Last year I made Sweetheart Potpourri [dried buds & petals].
4. Make a decoration such as a rosebud heart [dried buds]. This would make a lovely display at a Valentines party.
5. Culinary uses – decorate a cake like this victoria sponge, or make a pot of tea [fresh or dried rose petals but make sure they are food grade!]
Valentines ideas with dried roses

Ideas with roses | Images clockwise from top left: decorate a table cloth with tiny bright red dried rose buds; make a rosebud pomander; decorate a cake; make potpourri.

How to dry a bunch of roses

Make a lavender heart for Valentines Day

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