Mothers day lavender bunch make

Tie a pretty bouquet of lavender for your Mum

Mothers Day in the UK this year is 30th March, so there’s plenty of time to source everything you need for this little dried flowers project.

lavender bunch wrapped with fabric

Make a fragrant posy

This is a simple way of making a personal gift for your Mum on Mothers Day. Hunt through your fabric scraps for a pretty vintage-style pattern – you only need a little fabric to make this little bouquet extra special! This dry flower posy will stay attractive and gently fragrant for months – unlike fresh flowers.

what you will need for this lavender bunch make

To make this lavender bunch, you will need

  • About 80 to 100 dried lavender stems
  • Fabric scrap 7x14cm
  • Natural raffia 20cm
  • Elastic band
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Pinking shears (optional)


First make a tidy bunch of the lavender and hold in place with the elastic band (this will be hidden under the fabric). The bunch will be about an inch (2.5cm) across at the elastic.

Trim the fabric with pinking shears if you have them, and wrap around the lavender stems so that the join is at the back.

wrap fabric around dry lavender stems

Hold the fabric with a piece of raffia tied in a bow. Trim the ends of the raffia and the ends of the lavender stems with the scissors.

tie lavender bouquet with raffia fabric wrapped lavender bunches three

Tips for making lavender bouquets

To make bigger bouquets, you will need to experiment with increased fabric sizes.

Lavender stems are readily available online, or make the gift even more personal by using lavender picked and dried from your own garden (this may take a bit of forward planning! Maybe next year…).

If you don’t have any fabric, you could do what I did and buy remnants on eBay.

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I used this bunch of English dried lavender flowers – which is enough for three – one posy for Mum, one for Mum-in-Law, and one for me :)

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