Craft ideas for 2020

Dried flowers activities

With the new guidelines to stay at home this spring, here are a few crafting ideas from the archive with a botanical theme. Both crafting and nature are good for a feeling of flow and wellbeing. Why not extend that feeling by giving away your makes! Wishing everyone the best. x

dried flower bunches petals

Make your own potpourri

dried rose potpourri cosmos topper

Handmade potpourri is a big trend this year, and I’m told that it fetches as much as £300! Why not make your own potpourri – buy low-cost ingredients and mix them yourself, or if you have a garden, see what flowers and leaves you can pick.

How to make potpourri plus potpourri recipes

Make a dried flower wreath

lavender heart wreath

Wreath making – buy a plain wreath base and experiment with tying on your own flowers. Flower crowns are a similar craft idea.

Add dried lavender stems to a heart shaped base

Make lavender bags and scented sachets

no sew lavender bag dried lavender

Buy or make empty fabric bags and fill with relaxing dried lavender for little gifts and treats. For kids projects try:

No sew lavender bags made from fabric scraps

Or even no sew no tie lavender bags

Make a dried flower bouquet

pink dry bouquet

Try combining three or more bunches of dried flowers into a hind-tied bouquet or vase arrangement.

DIY dried flower bouquet like the one above.

Or cost effective lavender bunches with leftover fabric

Grow your own dried flowers from seed

harvesting chamomile flowers

The next month or so is the perfect time to sow seeds – Chiltern Seeds have a great range of suggestions for drying or

Here are my tips for growing your own dried flowers from seed – including links to more on poppy seed heads and love-in-a-mist

Grow annual chamomile from seed and harvest your own herbal tea later in the year! I had an accidental crop of chamomile in my veg patch!

Later in the year – dry your own garden flowers

drying flowers in airing cupboard

How to dry flowers including bunches, flower heads and petals.

Make a flower press

pressing flowers roses

How to make a flower press – follow a YouTube tutorial or cobble one together like I did!

Press some flowers

pressing violas

Basics of pressing flowers – pick flowers from your garden or from a bouquet to press.

Make a pressed flower frame

pressed flower frame

Press some flowers and display them in a picture frame like the one above

Or buy some pressed flowers and make a locket

Make herbal bath products

dry petal bath sachet

Make floral bath sachets like the picture above with flower petals and salt crystals.

Relaxing moisturising oat bath sachet make

Chamomile hair rinse recipe

Make herbal tea

herbal chamomile tea

Remember – if you buy your dried flowers, remember to check they are culinary grade before you pay! Not all flowers are food safe.

Make chamomile tea

Make relaxing lavender tea

Make lavender hot chocolate

Decorate with pressed flowers

gluing pressed violas

Decorate a box like the one above

Decorate a candle with pressed flowers

Other pressed flower craft ideas – decorate a phone case, make a bookmark, make resin jewellery, or stick pressed flowers on your face using vaseline for that festival look!

Make a sleep pillow

dried lavender hops heart

Hops, lavender and chamomile are all relaxing and soothing dried herbs – make a sachet or pillow for a good nights sleep.

Sleep pillow

More ways to relax with lavender

By the way, if you love lavender, there is some extra lavender info and makes in my free Lavender Craft pdf download

Happy crafting! x

Top image credit Thomas Skovsende for Prima magazine UK.

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