Dried flowers diaries October 2014

Dried flower bunches R us :)

What a month! The world and his wife seems to have discovered our dried flower bunches! Maybe people turn to Autumnal dried flowers and bunches once the colour starts to leave their own gardens? At daisyshop we sell three levels of dried flower bunches – British grown ones we have dried in our own workshop like this gypsophila; British grown ones sourced from our own friendly group of about five British growers that dry them for us, such as our ever popular dried wheat, and imported dried flowers that we have no chance of sourcing from within the UK such as the unusual orange dried flower leonotis.

new dried flower bunches autumnal dried flowers

Popular dried flowers this month L-R: home grown gypsophila; exotic leonotis; echinops, and billy buttons – really popular for wedding decorations.

Autumnal dried flowers

If you are looking for autumnal dried flowers inspiration, do check out my previous blog post with seasonal Chinese lanterns and hydrangeas.

Dried flower makes

I have been making dried flower candles with pressed flowers for the forthcoming December issue of Herbs magazine (the journal of the Herb Society). A lovely way to brighten up your Autumn and Winter evenings! Watch out for these dried flower makes on the blog once they have been published in print.
dried flower makes pressed flower candle

Previous dried flower makes for the Herb Society include this recipe for wet potpourri.

Update – you can now see these two candle makes online:

Pressed flower candle make
Cinnamon stick candle make

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