Decorating candles with cinnamon sticks

Candle article for the Herb Society part 2

I was very pleased to be able to write an article about decorating candles for the December issue of Herb Society magazine Herbs, and you can see the first part in my previous post:
A winter candle project with herbs.

Decorating candles with herbs and spices

Both the easy projects require a church-style pillar candle. Bring some light into your home at the darkest time of year with this natural Christmas decoration, or add some cellophane and ribbon to make a lovely gift.

decorating candles with cinnamon sticks

A cinnamon stick candle

If there are not many herbs in your garden at this time of year, why not visit your health food shop for a few sticks of aromatic cinnamon or buy online? As this candle burns, the warmed cinnamon sticks should give out a subtle aroma of spice.

cinnamon sticks natural christmas decoration

  1. Choose cinnamon sticks that are about the same height as your candle. If they are too long, they can be snipped to size carefully with secateurs.

  2. Position the sticks upright around the candle, so that each stick touches the next, using a rubber band to hold them in place until ready to tie.

  3. Wrap a length of garden twine firmly around and tie in place with a bow. For a tall candle, tie top and bottom.

cinnamon sticks candle decorating rubber band

tying cinnamon candle

Don’t allow the cinnamon sticks to catch fire! Use candles no less than 3” (7cm) diameter and exercise caution. If giving as a gift, include a note about safety.

[Warning for both projects: Never leave burning candles unattended.]

Natural Christmas decorations

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