Making a cinnamon bundle Christmas tree decoration

Natural Christmas tree decorations made with cinnamon sticks

These cinnamon bundles were really quick to make and I didn’t even need glue!

Cinnamon bundles – equipment

cinnamon bundle equipment

You will need

8cm cinnamon sticks
Butchers twine

Cinnamon stick bundles – how to make

  • Cut about 40cm of twine
  • Wrap twine around 5 cinnamon sticks firmly
  • Finish with a bow and trim the ends
  • Attach to Christmas tree with wire secured to the twine on the underside of the bundle

making cinnamon stick bundle christmas tree decoration

cinnamon sticks make natural christmas tree decorations
Tips for making natural cinnamon decorations

  • If you have cinnamon sticks larger than 8cm, just cut them carefully with a pair of secateurs (my cinnamon sticks were 15cm and I cut them in half).
  • Not just for Christmas trees – wire these bundles onto homemade wreaths and garlands, or use to decorate gifts.
  • These have a subtle natural fragrance, but more could be added by painting with cinnamon oil to make a fragranced cinnamon bundle.
  • Make a matching cinnamon garland like the one below by threading cinnamon sticks onto wire and tying a bow with gingham ribbon every so often. This is based on my cinnamon garland made last year.

christmas tree natural cinnamon stick garland
Find out more about my natural decorations for this year’s Christmas tree.

Cinnamon bundle – shopping links

Buy cinnamon sticks   |   Buy cinnamon fragrance oil

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