Dried flower diaries October 2012

Autumn dried flower crafts leading into Winter

Where I live is often referred to as “Sunny Sussex”, but not this month. It has been wet and dreary right up until today – finally this morning there is brilliant sunlight and the temperature has plummeted. In my book, cold and sunny beats warm and rainy anytime!

Plenty of seasonal dried flower crafts still to come

Brandish those cinnamon sticks!

I have been dusting off my winter and Christmas craft ideas and have already published two such posts: Winter rose potpourri recipe and Cinnamon fragranced bundle following an autumnal post a little while ago about traditional harvest-time corn dollies. The gentleman that makes the corn dollies seems to be endlessly productive – he recently sent me images of a corn horseshoe, and some decorated hollowed out eggshells, each containing a tiny dried flowers display. Up and coming dried flower crafts for winter will hopefully be – making cinnamon fragranced pine cones; making Christmas potpourri from cinnamon sticks, orange slices and other Christmas spices; wreaths, garlands, decorations and whatever I can fit into the time available!

This week I brought in all my tender plants from the garden, even though no-one has told my summer bedding that autumn is here – my cosmos and fuchsias are still flowering merrily away! I recently wrote a post about drying cosmos flowers.

Natural wedding confetti made from dried flower petals

I recently had another bride asking me to design her wedding bouquet for a February wedding. At the same time I was lucky enough to have Sonia at WantThatWedding.co.uk publish an article on our natural wedding confetti made from flower petals. So who says wedding season is just April to June!

Shopping links – cinnamon sticks and natural wedding confetti made from dried flower petals

Buy cinnamon sticks

Buy natural wedding confetti made from dried flower petals such as delphinium petals, dried rose petals, or pretty dried flower petal mixes made in our workshop.

Buy dried flower bouquets

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