Rosamund in dried flowers revisited

Fair Rosamund in dried flowers

This was one of my dried flower art projects last year (see my original Rosamund post).

Rosamund in dried flowers before & after

This is what it looked like before, and there were aspects I wasn’t happy with.

rosamund dried flowers picture

Rosamund dried flowers picture – old.

 How I improved my dried flowers picture

rosamund dried flower art

Rosamund in dried flowers – new.

Rather than gluing down every last petal like I did previously, this time I added loose dried flowers to build up the surface – so it’s very much temporary now!

As you can see from the above photo, I built up the hair with dried orange slices – I love the effect it creates. I decorated her hair with a cluster of pink rosebuds (unfortunately the actual Rosa Mundi dried roses I made earlier in the year were no longer around to use for this.)

The background at  the top was made from a sprinkling of preserved hydrangea florets. They were originally intended to represent a bottle glass wall, but my skills were not up to the job!

I reshaped her lips with freeze dried red rose petals, and I quite like the kissed lipstick look she now sports.

I rebuilt the wall at the bottom of the picture in cloves and dried delphinium flower petals, and boosted her pink dress with more petals.

So I now have two bare areas remaining – her gold necklace and hands. I can think of some ideas for her necklace, but her hands may prove difficult if they are to be fully resolved from her neck and dress.

Here is another attempt I made last year at dried flower art – a union jack for the jubilee – in retrospect I should have made this in loose petals too.

More flower petals art

Rossetti’s Bocca Baciata with dried roses and marigolds

See also – some vintage images from the British Library adorned with dry flowers

Shopping Links for dried flowers

You can buy the dried flowers I used in this project from
Delphinium petals  |   Freeze dried rose petals   |  Hydrangea petals   |   Rhodanthus flowers
Cloves   |   Orange slices

Do let me know what you think of my dried flower art!

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