Sweetheart potpourri recipe with dried rose buds and petals

Valentines Day make – Sweetheart potpourri recipe letters dried rose buds potpourri recipe

Working in a dried flowers shop I always have some dried roses to hand

so couldn’t resist making something a bit topical for Valentines Day yesterday.
Dried rose bud heart dried flowers

For this potpourri recipe, you will need:

sweetheart potpourri dried ingredients fragrance oil

Method – turn the dried flowers into potpourri

  1. Place the dried roses in a plastic bag and add a few drops of fragrance oil.
  2. Seal the bag and shake gently to disperse the oil.
  3. Leave sealed for a few hours for the oil to permeate.
  4. Display in your chosen bowl.
  5. Refresh with a drop or two more of oil as the fragrance fades.
[Avoid contact of the oil or potpourri with polished, painted or synthetic surfaces. Keep out of reach of children and pets. May mark textiles.]
sweetheart potpourri bowl dried rose buds

Tips for making this potpourri recipe

  • To gauge how many dried flowers you will need, one litre will fill one small bowl. That’s very roughly 200g rose buds or 100g rose petals depending on variety.
  • I chose the above fragrance oil because it is sweet and floral. For a fruitier fragrance, try Claremont & May’s Pomegranate fragrance oil (no they’re not sponsoring my blog but I do think they produce some great fragrance blends!)
  • Of course you can make a more natural potpourri using essential oils and orris root powder in the traditional way – find out more about potpourri making here.

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