Natural Christmas garland ideas

There are some great ways of using natural botanicals to decorate your home

Many dried fruits and spices are suitable for threading together into a garland. As ever, my two personal favourites are cinnamon sticks and orange slices.

Thread together some dried orange slices

The pic below is of a garland I made for my tree a couple of years ago. Dried orange slices are easy to buy online, or leave fresh orange slices in a cool oven (30degC) for a few hours to dry out. My garland was threaded with natural raffia.

natural christmas garland dried orange slices

Make a natural Christmas garland with orange slices by stitching them together with raffia.

Chilli garlands are easy to make

Again, I made a garland by threading the dried chillies together using natural raffia. I pierced a hole just under the stalk on the chilli. Chillies are a lovely shade of glossy dark burgundy red, perfect for Christmas.

A cinnamon garland

This garland was on display in a laurel tree outside my house last year – see the post on how I made the garland. It comprises of a length of cinnamon sticks threaded with florists wire, decorated at intervals with ribbon and orange slices.

cinnamon stick dried orange natural garland

A natural cinnamon stick garland with dried oranges and ribbon

Ready-made natural Christmas garlands

Here are two garlands I have bought ready-made. Ready-made garlands can be expensive, but might act as inspiration in future years! It can be a simple task to thread different items onto a string for an impressive effect.

natural cotton pod garland

Natural cotton pods strung together

Or try making a dried orange slice garland with mini pumpkins, bay leaves and chillies threaded onto raffia, tying the ends with cinnamon sticks.

This second ready-made Christmas garland would be simple to copy at home, and it would be lovely if the items used had been collected on a winter walk! It would be very simple to make twig bundles like the ones shown, tied together with string or florists wire.

chunky garland pods pinecones

Chunky garland with pods, twig bundles and pine cones on jute string.

Happy making!
Ruth. x

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