Dried flowers diaries November 2013

A busy month for natural Christmas crafts

Gosh that month went quickly! It’s a bit mad in the workshop at this time of year, and the time really flies.

I am looking forward to getting our Christmas tree this week. I am hoping to get it from the local farm shop, and let my children decorate it. At 14 and 12 they are still not too old to feel the pull of chocolate baubles!

Dried flower crafts with dried fruit and Christmas spices

Craft-wise, I have been making up kilo upon kilo of handmade Christmas potpourri for the workshop, and we have been making loads of cinnamon cones too.

pine cones bowl

Pine cones ready to wire up as Natural Christmas decorations or fragrance with cinnamon.

At home I have been preparing for the arrival of the tree by making some pine cone decorations with wire, paint and glitter.

I don’t think you can beat natural Christmas decorations – check out these ideas for natural Christmas wreaths and garlands.

My dried flowers on Pinterest

If you would like a break from all things Christmas this month, do check out my Pinterest page at www.pinterest.com/ruthdaisy where I have been uploading about six months worth of dried flowers photos.

If you look on Pinterest, you will see all the lovely flowers I have been drying this summer. And this Quick picks with Dried Flowers post shows you what I have been doing with a few of them!

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