My Christmas tree with simple natural homemade decorations

Natural tree decorations

My Christmas tree finally arrived courtesy of Mike and the local farm shop! I have had a relaxing morning decorating it with handmade natural decorations. These are all quick and easy and don’t even require glue (unless you want to stick glitter on the pine cones!).

decorating my christmas tree with natural christmas decorations

Decorating my tree with simple things I made myself

simple homemade decorations on my christmas tree

The simple homemade orange slice decorations are a version of the ones I wrote a blog post about last year, with red and white butchers twine replacing the gingham ribbon.

The cinnamon garland is another natural Christmas decoration I made last year – this time with less ribbon and no orange slices.

I made the natural pine cone decorations last week.

The little red and gold organza bags contain Christmas themed dried fruit and spices – dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, star anise and cloves. My kids love the scent of these natural Christmas decorations in particular! Natural Christmas scented bags make.

The cinnamon bundles are wrapped with butchers twine and wired onto the tree branches.

(The star is one I’ve had for a few years, which I bought, and is made of gold-painted twigs.)

Christmas fragrance

This is very much a sensory tree, with not only the natural pine tree fragrance, but the Christmas fruit and spices too!

I left mine natural, but to add even more fragrance, you could make cinnamon scented cones and cinnamon fragranced bundles to wire on the tree, and use Christmas potpourri in the little bags.

I hope you like my simple homemade decorations!

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Buy Christmas craft items such as dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, cloves and star anise.

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  1. […] I am not an eco freak but I love to do things the natural way wherever possible. Being the owner of a dried flower shop, my work quite often overflows into my home life: this year our tree was smothered in natural Christmas decorations. […]

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