Natural Christmas scented bags make

Bring natural Christmas fragrances into your home

These naturally scented bags of Christmas fruit and spices turn your Christmas tree into a sensory experience! My Christmas tree is just inside my front door and I’ve already had some lovely comments from visitors. It’s simple too.

Making a Christmas scented bag

You will need

Little organza bags in Christmas colours – mine are gold and red, 6x8cm
Star anise
Cinnamon sticks
Dried orange slices
Heavy duty kitchen scissors

christmas scented bag ingredients


  • Cut the orange slices into halves or quarters to fit in the bag
  • Cut the cinnamon sticks into short lengths
  • Place a few orange and cinnamon pieces in the bag with a few star aniseeds and cloves
  • Pull the drawstrings tight and hang on the tree

cutting dried oranges for Christmas scented bags

natural christmas tree decoration scented bag

The sheer organza allows the light to shine through and the contents to show. This can be very pretty with the shape of the star anise and colour of the oranges.

Natural Christmas tree decorations

natural christmas tree decorations

I think the little bags look really sweet dotted about over a tree decorated with other natural items. In the picture above you can see natural pine cone decorations, a cinnamon stick garland, and a natural cinnamon bundle, and the very top of a hanging dried orange slice decoration.

Other uses for these Christmas scented bags

These little Christmas scented bags make lovely stocking fillers to fragrance a drawer, car or small space. If you buy only culinary items (readily available from health food stores), this mix could also be used for mulling wine. If giving as a gift, make it clear what the purpose is!

Making Christmas fragrance bags – Shopping Links

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