Wiring dried flowers

Attaching florist wire to dried flowers

Contrary to what it says in the heading above, it’s best to attach florist wire to fresh flowers and then dry them. This is because dried flowers are very brittle and may not withstand the handling required to insert the wire.

How I wired  a dry flower (daisy)

You will need a fresh flower, kitchen scissors, green florist tape and green florist wire (the last two obtained easily & cheaply from eBay).
wiring flowers equipment

First cut the stem down to about 1cm from the flower head, cut the florist wire to your preferred length, and insert the one into the other.wiring flowers insert wire

Then join the two together by wrapping tightly with the florist tape. You will only need 3 or 4cm of tape.
wiring flower florist tape

You now have a wired fresh flower neatly wrapped with florist tape.flower taped wire

I dried my flower by leaving in silica gel sand for a couple of days. Do not use any microwave drying techniques in case the metal in the wire causes problems!
Read a previous post on drying with silica gel sand.

dried daisy wire florist tape

The photo above shows the flower after drying, and although the stem has shrunk, the tape is still holding it firmly in place.

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