Crafting from the summer of 2020

Flower presses, posies and petals

During lockdown over the summer I avoided social media because I was finding it a bit much. But I’ve been busy in my workshop and garden!

garden august 2020
I planted a lot of yellows and oranges this year because I thought the bright colours might be uplifting

Sussex garden

cheerful daisy flower
I can’t resist a cheerful daisy flower – these were on my patio

I’ve been getting back on top of my garden, which had been neglected due to work and kids. One of the first things I did was prune hard my Rosa mundi, meaning I had no flowers to dry this year. I did pick a few sprigs of The Fairy, a tiny pale pink rose which blooms in clusters. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet!

dried fairy roses garden
Rose The Fairy picked from my garden and dried

Pressing flowers – dried and fresh

My long-standing pressed flower suppliers for have now retired, so I’ve been experimenting with pressing flowers from my own garden to sell. I also realised that certain dried flowers such as lavender and sea lavender, and some grasses can be pressed if dampened first.

viola salvia flower press
Violas and salvias from my garden ready to be pressed
pressed sea lavender
Dried sea lavender which I dampened and then pressed

Pressed flowers from our shop were on TV in the Netflix drama Enola Holmes starring Millie Bobby Brown this summer.

enola holmes pressed delphinium flowers
Pressed delphiniums and pressed leaves from our shop in Enola Holmes

Potpourri making in print

I have been making potpourri from my garden as usual this summer, and was excited to be interviewed for Flora magazine about potpourri – apparently it’s big business these days!

flora mag autumn 2020
Flora magazine Autumn 2020

In the workshop

In my dried flowers workshop I have been hanging up cottage garden blooms to dry and photographing interesting seed heads and petals.

drying sweet williams cornflowers
Drying sweet williams and cornflowers

The sweet williams didn’t make attractive bunches once dry but I think I will be able to use the flower heads alone for potpourri making. The cornflowers I have tried before. I absolutely love the intense blue colour but I can’t justify selling them because they feel so light and brittle to handle and are rather droppy.

rose petal heart
I couldn’t resist making this pretty heart shape from a heap of pale pink rose petal confetti
dry rose buds flower petals
Dry rose buds and cornflower and marigold petals used for making our daisyshop Elizabethan potpourri
ammi seed head
Ammi seed head from a bunch we sell for home decor

Making dry posies

In the workshop I sometimes get left with some loose stems of dried flowers. I love to grab a handful to make a little posy.

blue white posy for pressing
Blue and white posy of flowers which I then used in trials for pressing: dried lavender, sea lavender, ivory ruscus, ivory flowering grass and statice dumosa
workshop dried flower posy
Bits and bobs from the workshop dried flower posy with pink acroclinium, ivory setaria, billy buttons, statice, delphinium and nigella orientalis seed pods
workshop flower bits
A handful of workshop flower bits including craspedia, white acroclinium, clover, sea lavender, grasses and dyed lagurus

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