Dried flower craft e-Books: Lavender craft

Kindle book now available: Lavender Craft

Last summer I wrote an e-book called Lavender Craft

For anyone who likes my makes for this blog, it is a short compendium of lavender-related articles published here, with an introduction about the history of lavender. I am hoping this will be the first in a series of dried flower ebooks, although I must admit I haven’t started the next one yet as they are quite time consuming to format correctly!

lavender craft book cover

Because it consists of articles I’ve already published, I decided to keep the price down, so it is available at amazon.co.uk for only £1.53 and amazon.com for $2.99. A painless price for anyone who would like a few hints and tips available offline! [You don’t even need to own a kindle to view kindle e-books – I downloaded free apps from amazon, one for my computer and the other for my mobile phone.]

Contents – dried lavender – lavender aromatherapy – recipes

For anyone interested, here is a list of blog posts from Dried Flower Crafts which are included:

Make a lavender pomander

Lavender tea

Lavender hot chocolate recipe

Lavender shortbread recipe

Ten uses for dried lavender

Ten ways to relax with lavender

Dried lavender and oats bath bag

Make a lavender wand

Make a lavender bottle

Dried lavender & lime potpourri recipe

No-sew lavender bag

Choosing lavender for drying

Drying flowers – lavender

My dried flower craft book reviewed

5.0 out of 5 stars Good value and an interesting read 18 July 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
“This is an informative and useful booklet that contains a wealth of information about lavender and several craft projects that you can try. They range from the very easy to the more in-depth, so there is something for idiots and the more skilful!
It covers such a wide range of information in such a short space, I think most people will learn something, even the more experienced crafters.”

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