Dried flowers diaries November 2014

November – the time for natural Christmas crafts

Dried flower crafts for the winter

Once the clocks change and the evenings start getting darker, it’s great to start planning ahead for Christmas. At our house, it’s only a few weeks before we start thinking about putting a tree up.dried flower crafts blog - fat christmas robin

Natural Christmas decorations with cinnamon sticks, orange slices and pine cones

Last year I had a lot of fun in the run up to Christmas, making all sorts of natural Christmas decorations.

natural christmas crafts tree decorations

Last year’s Christmas tree with a homemade cinnamon garland; pine cone decorations; dried orange slice decorations, and a Christmas scented bag.

This year, because of a terrible shopping cart provider (the company that hosts our webshop at daisyshop.co.uk), I have so much website work on my hands that I don’t expect to be able to draw breath any time before the spring! For anyone that is interested, we were told at the end of October that we must upgrade our shopping cart by Dec 3rd or they’d do it for us. This is one of the busiest times of year for us sales-wise, but their website advertised that upgrading would be “a doddle”. So we went ahead with the upgrade (which is by the way going to cost us an extra £15 a month in the long term), not realising that it would lose us 8 years of credibility built up with google in a single stroke, and weeks-worth of firefighting in terms of correcting listings which were mangled in the upgrade.

So maybe not so much time for natural Christmas craft projects in the the build-up to Christmas this year!

Why I’m not writing dried flower diaries after this month but concentrating on posts about craft projects

You can probably tell that I’m a bit pushed for time at the moment, so have decided to focus on the useful things as far as this blog is concerned, which is how to make stuff with dried flowers. So watch this space for a slow but steady flow of dried flower craft ideas, and a bit less about myself, my shop and my opinion!

Here are some natural Christmas decoration makes from the archive to tide you over
natural christmas decorations makes

A whole category for natural Christmas crafts
Make a natural cinnamon stick garland
Make pine cone natural Christmas tree decorations
Make Christmas scented bags   |   Make cinnamon cones
Make natural dried orange slice natural Christmas decorations
Make natural cinnamon bundle natural Christmas decorations
Make scented cinnamon bundles
Make winter potpourri with clove & rose
Make Christmas potpourri with orange & cinnamon
Natural Christmas decor ideas   |   Natural Christmas garland ideas
Natural Christmas wreath ideas

Buying ingredients for these natural Christmas crafts

Do check out these shopping links for supplies:
Buy cinnamon sticks 15cm   |   Buy cinnamon sticks 6cm
Buy dried orange slices   |   Buy whole cloves
Buy cinnamon fragrance oil   |   Buy handmade Christmas potpourri
or visit the natural Christmas craft department at daisyshop.co.uk

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